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for those who cannot afford free speech

Our Mission

Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change.

Vendor Profiles

Kurt Saindon


Kurt Saindon is just as familiar with humor as he is with sleeping outside. From his sales point along Tom McCall Waterfront Park, he peppers passersby with an assortment of jokes. His goofy antics are part of his pitch to sell Street Roots newspaper, because, he says, he prefers his customers to be at leisure as he enthusiastically engages with them about the content of the paper and the joys of being a human. Spend time around Kurt and you will immediately become aware of the good-natured charisma that he brings to every conversation.

Jason Bo


The corner of NW Lovejoy and 11th Avenue where Starbucks is located doesn’t quite pick up foot traffic until noon, when the sun finally hits that side of the pavement.  The tall Pearl District buildings make it a fairly shady corner and according to Jason, the Street Roots vendor who sells there, “the windiest corner in Portland.” He wears a jacket, gloves and scarf to sell the paper, because even on a nice day the shade can get chilly. Jason is new to this corner, less than a month in, so he is still trying to make himself at home.

Terris Harned


If you have been short on good conversation for a while, head to NW 23rd Avenue and Thurman Street to buy a Street Roots. Terris, the vendor that sells on this corner in front of Food Front, seems to have a talking point for anything, whether it be theories of eco-psychology, gaming , how to end homelessness, or recommending your next good read. At the onset of a conversation with Terris, his articulate speech and keen sense of self are striking- this man knows he is a born thinker and intellectual, and he’ll get you on his side of that argument in minutes.

Rain Duchalard


Lorraine “Rain” Duchalard, sits down for her interview not to talk so much about herself, but to talk about her customers. To say thank you to the people she’s known who have helped her, and to Street Roots, where she has worked selling the newspaper for a little over a year. And a special thanks to Frank Cobb, another vendor, who, when she was just starting out, offered her some words of advice.

Mark Brown


Street Roots vendor Mark Brown stands out from the crowd as he sells newspapers at the Hollywood Library. His infectious laugh and his eagerness to meet new faces might draw you in, but what will first catch your eye is his bright red Santa suit and free candy canes.

Steven Hill


Larry Hill Jr., the Street Roots vendor at Whole Foods in the Pearl District, is a man with a tumultuous past and a future in which he hopes to flourish with inner strength and calm. After undergoing 10 days of intense self reflection, he is determined to act, as he puts it, “more like water and less like wind.”

Charles Krossman


Charles Krossman is an Oregon native who, when asked to describe himself, says, “I like to hunt, fish and build cars.”

Charles grew up on a busy farm with his siblings and he always found himself gravitating toward his father’s mechanic shop. He helped out with minor tasks and chores, but soon advanced to more challenging projects. He started to not only fix car parts, but also make them. He says that he built a hot rod motor at the age of 12, a feat he still remembers with pride.

David Fink Jr.


If you take a stroll through the Pearl District and turn onto 10th and Hoyt, you might be lucky enough to meet David Fink Jr, a Street Roots vendor.  David is the kind of guy whom you could find reminiscent of a quiet Woody Guthrie as he stands by a light post, bedecked simply in a brown camo coat and blue jeans. He possesses an unassuming air and a refreshingly genuine persona tempered by a past littered with hardship and conversion, exhaustion and renewal.


Our Friends Speak About Street Roots

Between the FYI-texts: 'Did you see this in Street Roots?', scrolling by the happy #NewPaperFriday selfies on social media, and picking up the weekly with my groceries — the Street Roots experience is totally integrated into my Portland life. We are a lucky city to have the love, dedication, and tenacity for good news and better community that Street Roots brings us every day of the year.

- Jes Larson, Executive Director, Welcome Home Coalition
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