Street Roots

for those who cannot afford free speech

Our Mission

Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change.

Kaia Sand

Kaia Sand, Street Roots Executive Director
Executive Director
Relationship to Street Roots: 

Kaia Sand has worked as a poet, artist, community organizer, and university professor. Beginning two decades ago as a volunteer for Yellow Brick Road, much of her work has focused on economic injustice and homelessness, from a magic show she created about the financial collapse to the Right 2 Survive Ambassador Program she co-founded for housed people to learn from people experiencing homelessness. She taught at Portland State University, Pacific University, Willamette University and St. Mary’s College of Maryland; co-founded Vignettes & Verses, a writing and personal history institute; and performed and taught internationally, including in England, Ireland and Brazil. She has widely exhibited her artwork and served in residencies, from a public art commision at the City of Portland Archives and Records Center to the Despina International Artist Residency in Rio de Janeiro. A  member of PEN America, she is author of three books of poetry--interval, Remember to Wave and A Tale of Magicians Who Puffed Up Money that Lost its Puff--and the co-author of Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space.


Our Friends Speak About Street Roots

Street Roots helps people reach their individual potential while giving them the sense of belonging and personal self worth.  What a gift this organization is to our community.

- Mary Edmeades, Vice President, Albina Community Bank